BSM saracinesca corpo piatto tenuta metallica PN 10/16





Flanged wedge shut-off valve in cast iron covered in brass, short gauge in accordance with EN 588/14, brass seal, with lamellar cast iron body, manufactured in accordance with relevant product standards and the EN ISO quality management system 9001. Internal and external anti-corrosion coating with FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) epoxy powder, RAL 5017 blue color, minimum thickness 250 μm.

Use Case

Heating systems, thermal power plants, warm water up to 120 ° C. Air conditioning systems (HVAC). Water treatment and distribution systems, waste water, industrial, agricultural, fire prevention applications. They are not suitable for liquids containing mineral oils, hydrocarbons, steam and liquids which exert an aggressive action on the valve materials. Other liquids and larger diameters on request.

Disegno tecnico BSM valvola di intercettazione saracinesca corpo piatto


Working pressure: PN 10 / PN 16
Working temperature: 0°C / +120°C
Project standard: EN 1171, EN 1074-1, EN 1074-2
Gauge: EN558 Series 14
Flanges: EN1092-2
Testing: EN12266-1
Coating: RAL 5017 epoxy powder, thickness 200-250 μm


( 1 ) Body: GG 25 lammellar cast iron
( 2 ) Seal: Brass H62
( 3 ) Wedge: H62 brass coated GG 25 lammellar cast iron
( 4 ) Stem: AISI 420 stainless steel
( 5 ) Lead Screw: Brass H62
( 6 ) Bolt: A3 Carbon Steel
( 7 ) Nut: A3 Carbon Steel
( 8 ) Gasket: Graphite
( 9 ) Valve Top: GG 25 lammellar cast iron
( 10 ) Gasket: Graphite
( 11 ) Portastoppa(?????????): GG 25 lammellar cast iron
( 12 ) Packing: Graphite
( 13 ) Stuffing box: GG 25 lammellar cast iron
( 14 ) Bolt: A3 Carbon Steel
( 15 ) Nut Gasket: A3 Carbon Steel
( 16 ) Handwheel: GG 25 lammellar cast iron
( 17 ) Nut Gasket: A3 Carbon Steel

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