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Bellow sealed globe valves are used when a fluid needs to be intercepted or regulated.

Thanks to its design, the optional adjustment cone very precisely controls the flow of fluid within a piping system. It is usually operated manually with a hand wheel, but can also be automated.

Use Case

BGV is a very robust and stable valve and can be used at high operating pressures and temperatures. From 350 ° C in the PN 16 version, up to 600 ° C in the DN 25/40 version

The bellow sealed globe valves can be installed on systems for superheated water, steam and non-aggressive fluids.

The most frequent applications for BGV valves are in the construction of thermoelectric plants, in the supply of hot and cold water, in steam plants or in diathermic oil plants.

modello bgv


Working pressure: PN 16
Design temperature: Max +350°C
Design standard: EN 12516-4:2018
Face to face: EN 558-1:2001
Flanges: EN 1092-1:2018
Tests: EN 12266-1:2012
Coating: Epoxy powder RAL5002,thickness 60 µm
Leakage rate: RATE B


( 1 ) Body: Ductile Iron JS1049 / 0.7043
( 2 ) Seat: Stainless Steel X20Cr13 / 1.4021
( 3 ) Disc: Stainless Steel X20Cr13 / 1.4021
( 4 ) Stem: Stainless Steel X20Cr13 / 1.4021
( 5 ) Bellows: SS AISI 304
( 6 ) Gasket: Graphite + SS AISI 304
( 7 ) Bonnet: Ductile Iron JS1049 / 0.7043
( 8 ) Bolt: Chrome-molybdenum steel A193-B7
( 9 ) Nut: Carbon Steel A194-2H
( 10 ) Packing: Graphite
( 11 ) Gland: Carbon Steel GS-C25/ 1.0619
( 12 ) Stem nut: Carbon Steel 1045/ 1C45
( 13 ) Handwheel: Carbon Steel
( 14 ) Cap: Stainless Steel A10

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